Thursday, May 25, 2006

Thursday 25 May 2006: Sarah is without Heidi today as each pilots their own plane as the rain splashes down and everyone but Sarah is free in Belgium!

Heidi says:
I am truly sorry, but despite Sarah asking me over and over not to forget to take a picture of myself, I forgot it anyway... Nice and quiet day. Nothing spectacular.
Sarah is leaving tomorrow and I don't like that idea. She's leaving so often and you get used to it, but still I hate to see her go. But the good thing is, she will enjoy herself! you go girl! Enjoy yourself, it's later then you think...

Sarah says:
I'll be on a plane to SFO pretty soon! Can't wait to get there. It's STILL raining here in Belgium! It's too much already. If last week's Greyn rehearsal was like good sex, this week's Greyn rehearsal was like bad sex. It's SOOOOO hard to make new songs. We just sort of stand there trying and waiting for it to happen. No way around that I guess but it is amazing how a good rehearsal can make you want to go for it and a bad one can make you dislike the whole process -- all within a week. I guess if I felt better I could handle more and be more inspired. I'm just tired. Everything seems like too much for the moment. I am so glad a small vacation is coming up. I need it badly! The GREAT news is that my bone scans came back and it looks like the joints under my degenenerative disc S5-L1 vertebrae are in good enough shape for me to qualify for the prosthetic disc operation. So now, it seems that I have to lose some weight ( a lot-- about 10 kilos perhaps!!!) and by the end of the year I can have the surgery. None of this is certain yet. I have to see another doctor. This time it will be a professor at a University hospital. After that appointment in mid-June I will decide what to do and when to do it. I will be more at ease then I think. Now I am just waiting and waiting. I so look forward to feeling better. I need a huge injection of energy put into me soon!
Heidi will be the captain of this blog until I am back though I will see what I can do from where I am. I hope to get a brother a day on here but one already said NFW so I'll have to get creative!

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