Friday, May 19, 2006

Friday 19 May 2006: Heidi and Sarah are the mad-hatters today as they do their best Shirley Temple while singing in the dang Belgian MOFO rain!

Heidi says:
I made some effort and put nice clothes on and some make-up. Because of that I feel much more alive and beautiful today. Or maybe it's the extra sleep...

Sarah says:
I am so glad I am going to California next week. I need sunshine. This Belgian weather is just a bit too much right now. I have had it! With that said, Heidi and I do look sunny and gay today. It is Friday after all and tomorrow for my pre-birthday-post-mother's day gift I will have hours of a facial, scrub, massage. It'll be grand! Stay tuned today for a belly-shot of Heidi. She is wearing an outfit that really shows of her big belly! On Sunday I'm going to check out (maybe with Heidi too) the Musical Instrument Museum in Brussels! I have been wanting to go there since it first opened. You get headphones and walk around getting to hear a sample of every instrument there. There are so many instruments that I am sure I have never seen. I can't wait! And it is in an amazing-looking Art-Deco building. Tonight (also with Heidi!!!), my weekend will happily start at De Unie der Zorgelozen monthly dinner. Make sure to check out De Unie's upcoming play soon. It's called Tijl and it will be on between the 16th and the 30th June. Buy your tickets now!

Have a great weekend and hello to our new serendipitous friend, Lazy Haze, who somehow knew we were in a hazy-lazy mood yesterday. Check out Lazy Haze's music. I'm really liking that first song.
Check out Chad McCann's music while you are at it. Good stuff.

And here it is: Bellyshot Friday of Heidi's growing kid! For once we give you a frontal view. My oh my how Heidi has grown (everywhere ;-)!

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