Thursday, May 18, 2006

Thursday 18 May 2006: Heidi and Sarah are doing some serious screen tests today. They are in hazy-lazy mode with big fat heads...

Heidi says:
Something different! Can you find Sarah and Heidi!

Sarah says:
This day this day this day! Not lovin' it. Too cold, windy and rainy! But last night I have to say I had a good rehearsal with Greyn. A couple of weeks ago I sort of tried to sabotage Greyn and quit it but it didn't work. I was fed up and emotional and sort of couldn't take it anymore -- it wasn't fulfilling me -- wasn't meeting my needs. But we had it out all of us Greyn members and I am happy to say came to some ways to maybe make things go a little better. We'll see. Anyway, one of the ways is for me to sort of shut up more I think. The metaphor here is that I need to stop being the nagging wife and instead be the serving wife who says nothing, cooks, cleans and gives blow jobs when wanted. Anyway, I can sort of live with that. It is my own choice. I just know it's one of the only ways for Greyn to work. We need to inject a lot of positive stuff into the band and keep all negativity at bay. Bands are tough places to be. Too many cooks spoil the pot and all that. Group and human dynamics!
Anyway -- to make this work I have to see it as a marriage with Greyn. I am married to the 4 guys in Greyn. We are one big happy Mormon family from now on. I am the serving wife! So last night, I had some pretty good "sex" with three of the members of Greyn. And hopefully it has lead to a new baby as we seem to have recorded "live" a 4th new song! Yey! Now I can also google search "sex with Greyn members" and there will be results!

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Andrew Schamess said...

Oh you girls are adorable. I'm finding your site like POSTSECRET addictive! It makes me want to show up to work with you in the mornings.