Monday, May 22, 2006

Saturday 20 May 2006: Heidi and Sarah are nearly dead in the ticket booth at De Kreun. Sarah unmasks her other face...

Heidi says:
What's there to say? I had a typical pregnancy-hormones-day and that says enough ;)

Sarah says:
We were at De Kreun meant to be seeing The Ugly Papas reunion gig but we were both tired and worn out so I snuck in and took solace at the ticket booth where Heidi was working. I just look tired and pale and tired and pale. No way around it I guess when you feel like shit. No matter how hard you try the pain shows through the eyes I'd say. That's why below I have covered my eyes! I had a facial and body-scrub at Botee in Kortrijk. I was allowed to take my mask home! It was a great mask on and it is my new best friend off. I love my pet mask. Seriously though, Ann at Botee does a fabulous facial! Great products - in good hands. Give her and it a try!

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