Wednesday, April 05, 2006

wednesday 5 April 2006: Heidi's world is upside down and Sarah has had it with handing out chocolate so she takes pause in the SUN!!!

Heidi says: Sometimes you have to look at the world with different eyes. Or upside down... I have a headache. Wonder why...

Sarah says:
I wish I could look at the world of business upside down! Would you like some Belgian chocolate blah blah blah... So that's how the world turns and the cookie crumbles... Talk the talk and all that jazz. But can you walk the walk? Who cares -- the sun is shining and the beach is grand. Take pause and smell the flowers and stay away from the stinking bathrooms. Oh my my the smells that people let linger. I'm beat today! Beat. I wish I were a Go Go.
Oh -- forgot to mention that I MISSED HEIDI SO MUCH that I walked around with this Heidi picture in my bag all the time and just had to have a photo with paper Heidi and her goats. Heidi goes where I go. Go Go.

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