Tuesday, April 04, 2006

Tuesday 4 April 2006: Heidi lets the beast out and wonders what Sarah is up to...Sarah is in France exploiting the LOVELY Jan Eelen

Heidi says: Help! My camera is going wild! Or is it me?

Sarah says:
So I was a very lucky girl in Cannes and had the opportunity to chit-chat with the very lovely Jan Eelen
He was there with Woestijnvis to sell their shows and scripts to other countries. He, like I, was not really loving the trade fair (trade fairs are pretty gross places to be honest but ya gotta do what ya gotta do, right?). Anyway -- probably out of boredom alone, Jan was willing to talk to me and he let me take his photo for Face The Day. He was/is /appears to be a very kind and friendly person -- easy to talk to - funny-faced (in a good way) and creative and clever. But we all know that part already - just look at all the shows he has been a part of! Het Eiland and In De Gloria being my favorites! I was happy to learn that Het Eiland has English subtitles on the DVDs -- now I can send it to friends in The States and show them that BELGIUM CAN BE A VERY FUNNY PLACE!!!! A very good friend of mine from New York recently called me worried that by living in Belgium I was missing humor in my life! What arrogance is that!!!! Little does she know just how freaking funny Belgians can be! She should be put in prison for a week and forced to watch every Woestijnvis show -- that will show her!
So thank you again Jan Eelen for making Belgium a very funny place and for being so easy to talk to! Now we have added a link in the column to the right of Woestijnvis along with Het Eiland and In De Gloria. All you people out there -- check it out! Even the English ones as the site seems to also be in English!


Anonymous said...

Wow! Sarah better come back soon if that is what her absence does to Heidi. Now I know where Ayla has learned to make absurd faces. Cheers! Mom/Auntie

Heidi and Sarah Face The Day said...

well, that's what I'm born for! To make absurd faces!
and even when Sarah is around, I can't stop myself... I'm pathetic, I know... :)