Tuesday, April 18, 2006

Tuesday 18 April 2006: Heidi has a new hair-color yet again and Sarah can't even try to look happy today!

Heidi says:
I look awake but I am tired. I didn't sleep very well this night. My new haircolor suits me fine, although you hardly see a difference (but you do in certain light).

Sarah says:
This is going to be a hard week. I have way too much on my mind to concentrate on anything. I am full of distraction. I do like this week's postsecret entries, such as the one below that is easy to relate to about feeling ugly your whole life and then one day realizing you actually aren't half-bad and deciding to be less self-punishing and therefore becoming even more beautiful... We are all so very hard on ourselves for so many things. Today, however, I mostly feel ugly from the inside-out. My spine is ugly. I feel like my spine has a very ugly zit that will never go away. To make it go away, I need to be stronger than I am right now. Today I feel weak as can be and when you feel weak, you feel ugly mostly and inadequate and then eventually you don't and you feel better I guess.

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