Tuesday, April 18, 2006

Monday 17 April 2006: Heidi and Sarah and a black curly poodle dog celebrate Easter Monday together...

Heidi says:
The only nice thing about the carnival in K-town was this poodle. Normally I hate poodles but this one was different. It was so interested in the crowds that were passing that you could almost believe it is human.

Sarah says:
It was a nice afternoon with Heidi and our Face The Day special guest Poodle. It was not easy getting this photo!
Below you can see a photo of an exhibit going on at Bakerstreet in Kortrijk. As you can see, it's a photo exhibit of lots of bands, including Greyn and Zita Swoon. I just love the fact that our shots are standing so close together! Yeah -- I know I am a loser for thinking these things matter because they don't but they do give me a kick! Go to Bakerstreet and check out this nice photo exhibit!
Here are the details from the photographers' site:

Du 1er au 30 avril 2006 : Baker Street
Sint-Janstraat, 15 - 8500 KORTRIJK (B) Tel : +32 (0)56 25 53 30
ouvert du mardi au vendredi de 12h à 19 h
et le samedi et dimanche de 14h à 19h

Also check out my Greyn Blog site that I hardly ever put anything on for another photo of the exhibit.


N said...

The Poodle, Pink blossoms and Spacehat pictures are probably the best yet!
One might think that you are getting the hang of it.
But I know it's merely a coincidence, you're just two 'mwoiskers' with a digital camera. I saw you.

Heidi and Sarah Face The Day said...

Who are you?
Make yourself known!