Tuesday, April 18, 2006

Sunday 16 April 2006: Sarah forgets a photo of her outside so offers you these of the inside of her back and Heidi is not what you thought she was.

Sarah says:
I forgot to take a photo of myself today believe it or not!!! So here I offer photos of my back from inside-out. One of the scans doesn't look like a back as it is an up-close dics between two bones. Am I going too far? Maybe. We all work our stuff out the way that works for us. I won't get into the details until I have more information and know what I am faced with but suffice it to say, it's been a strange weekend because of what these scans show and I'm feeling a little freaked out so please bear with me and take this ride with me if you so choose...
The one below is actually a close-up of a disc in my back I think, though it looks a bit odd and hard to figure out! The one above is my very own spine! Very strange indeed! Creepy even. Hope you all are okay with seeing this!

Heidi says:
I AM an alien! This is my confession. I landed on planet earth 5 years ago and adapted reasonably quickly to your world. But now that I'm getting older it gets more and more difficult to not out myself. So here I go! I have special powers, so whatever you do, you can't get me anyway so just let me be. An obsession I got by living here is changing the color of my hair...

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