Wednesday, March 22, 2006

Wednesday 22 March 2006: Heidi and Sarah are ladies of the 80s and welcome to our new weekly feature: Belly-shot Wednesday!

Heidi says:
The eighties are back! Long live the eighties! Well actually I'm not such an eighties-fan but I couldn't stop myself from dressing like this this morning. Since I am getting fatter every day, there are not a lot of clothes I can still wear and I hate to wear the same all the time. So luckily I found this checkered dress and combined it with my exercising pants and black boots. Not bad if I may say so myself! Actually I might look a bit sixties like this too! What do you think, eighties or sixties? Or an impression of the sixties that was done in the eighties? By the way, my belly is obviously growing! :)

Sarah says:
Yeah-yeah, I know, we're looking good again today! I don't know what's gotten into us! It's a world record! Isn't Heidi just glowing! She's getting fatter. My face is staying thinner. Life oh life oh life. Did you know I get drunk from being around drunk people and high from being around high people - who needs drinks and drugs, eh!. I love this postsecret card put on the site last Sunday. There is something very joyous about it. I am into joy right now. More joy, less pain! More dreams! Less nightmares!

Now it's time for BELLY-SHOT WEDNESDAY! Each Wednesday we'll get a shot of Heidi's growing belly so that we can document her pregnancy and Sarah can enjoy watching Heidi grow fatter for once! Here's the first one for you! Enjoy!


Jason said...

That's cute. I can imagine Heidi sining Human League's "Keep feeling Fascination." and Sarah, looks cute with no glasses.

Heidi and Sarah Face The Day said...

Why thank you, thank you very much! Usually my eyes go all whacky with no glasses but here they are focused for once and if they could they'd give you a big wink right now :-)! It's actually my hair off my face that makes the difference. I have a great hairline if I do say so myself! (Just joking and pretending to be a cocky mofo!) Anyway -- nice of you, as usual, to comment! Everyone else is too scared too! But you aren't afraid of superheroes luckily. What superhero would you be Snowbro? -S

Jason said...

I would be the ice superhero. The one who can control ice and snow on the molecular level. My tagline would be = "What's cooler than being cool?"


Heidi and Sarah Face The Day said...

If I were still a metal-head, my tagline would be "Heavy Metal Never Rusts" -- once I made that up-- at least I thought I did, like to think I did! I was so proud. Be cool Snowbro. Would "Freeze Frame" by the J Geils band be your song? My song would be "Almost Cut My Hair" by CSN, being a hairy beasty superhero and all... Have a goody!