Monday, March 06, 2006

Sunday 05 March 2006: Heidi and Sarah take pictures of themselves with Jan De Smet taking pictures and the take a lot more pictures...

Heidi says:
I had a weird experience yesterday! I was sitting in a music theatre, with Nico and Alexander and Wout and ten thousand parents and children! OK, I'm exagerating! I don't know how many there were, but we were definitely the only people without children! We were there to see Arne Van Dongen and Jan De Smet play their Dutch versions of Woody Guthrie songs for children. (oh, maybe that's why there were so many children! I finally get it!) They did well! They were really funny and musically it was very entertaining. I would really like to go see De Nieuwe Snaar play now! That's Jan De Smet's band! They made a very beautiful song about Bob Dylan and I really want to hear them perform it live! By the way, I saw that Jan De Smet and me have more in common! I found his CV on some website in which he says he is fond of the fifties, Pin-ups and vinyl records! Me too, Jan, me too!!!!!! Long live Betty Page and fifties Rawk'n'roll and heavy vinyl!!!

Below photo: my headache is killing me...

Sarah says:
Greyn's drummer Filip Tanghe and his partner Els had another baby girl Saturday at around 5:35 in the morning. Her name is Oona. She's now the little sister of the lovely June. I love this silly photo of me at the hospital with Oona! I needed a special guest and she was all there and being all cute. Look, she's just a day old and I have little OOna smiling already for a Face The Day photo! She's destined to be the singer of the "Mini-Greyn's"! All these Greyn babies mama! Woo hoo. For a lovely photo of Filip, Els and Oona without my big dumb head in it, check out my Greyn blogsite now!
Greyn's guitar player is next in terms of babies! Me, I'm done with babies so don't even ask!

Heidi and I also decided to include a photo for you of our taking a Face The Day photo. Here we give you a special glimpse into the making of Face The Day! (haha!:)


Jason said...

Damn, Heidi. Will you take a picture of yourself in any condition? Your pouty lips are cute though.

Always do like Sarah's bright smile. Plus, the guy in the background with the fedora; Indiana Jones Senior, maybe? And holy crap, is that baby SMILING already???

Heidi and Sarah Face The Day said...

That baby is smiling! I made her smile! You gave me an idea -- yo Heiditje, we need to post some baby photos of ourselves deary!

Heidi and Sarah Face The Day said...

We can make that happen!
We can!!!!!!!!
we'll do it!
Promise Frostyfriend!

Anonymous said...

Sarah and Heidi, I was googling to find Jan De Smet to see if I could order another book/CD of Woody Guthrie songs for a dear friend who portrays Woody and is in the Oklahoma troupe with me. Your website was second on the first google page. It was right under the info about Jan and the book/CD. Wow! You luckies! Having your picture with him! So, I broused your site and even got to see Filip & Els's new baby girl. Nice smiley picture of you, Sarah, with Els and new baby. You two are pips! I always get a kick out of your site, even if I can't browse it daily, I do look. But this was the most fun -- finding the two of you right there on the top of the Google page. I am impressed!

Sarah's Mom Judy and Aunt-to-be to Heidi Jr.