Monday, March 06, 2006

Monday 06 March 2006: Sarah gets blinded and trapped by her necklace as Heidi just stares into the camera and doesn't help her at all!

Heidi says:
Sarah is going maaaaad! And I feel and look better and happier every day! woopeee!!!!

Sarah says:
Yeah -- mad AT HEIDI!! That's it! Heidi and I are in a fight! That's it! It's over! Heidi and I are over! (please excuse me-- I have my period right now and am in NO MOOD for ANYTHING!!!!! Arghhhh!!!!! Growl!!!!! and all that. Be warned: don't come near me today or I might bite your head off. Actually, I feel fine and happy and perky. I'm just bored so I am pretending to be annoyed and annoying and angry at Heidi. Nothing better to do right now! I had a great great weekend. Feeling good. The photo above, by the way, is real! My necklace was stuck in my galsses because before we took the picture I flipped my hair and then that's what happened. Heidi really didn't help me get it loose. I was trapped. I had no air in my lungs. It was awful. She just sat there and smiled and took invasive photos the bitch!


Jason said...

Wow, Sarah really does look pissed. But take a deep breath, honey, it's okay. Heidi has taken pictures of her self half-dead; so a photo of you upset once and a while kinda evens the odds.

Heidi and Sarah Face The Day said...

Howdy Frosty!
I am pissed. Heidi and I are having a rumble.:-)
There are plenty of half-dead photos of me and of Heidi. Just check out most of October when I was ill. Look at October 31st -- you'll like that one. It's one of our best. The fun thing about our site is that it's real as you once sort of said -- you see us at our best and worst! Thanks, once again, for being our faithful viewer and commentor!

Heidi and Sarah Face The Day said...

I love the way you say what I think!
I love you I love you I love you!

Ps Hi Snowbro the snowman! How are you today? I am really glad you're still there, commenting on our blog! Keep up the good work!