Monday, March 06, 2006

Saturday 04 March 2006: Sarah shows you her haircut and introduces you to her special guests LE and EK. Heidi goes all whacky-eyed and sees spots!

Heidi says:
Me and ducky...

Sarah says:
Do you like my haircut? Nice, eh? I love it! Thanks Kapper Sonny in Harelbeke. Good work! My kid is happy too! Very happy.
May I introduce you to my special guests LE and her husband EK. They live in France. She's from The UK and America sort of. He's half American sort of but trés French. They are fab people who showed me and my husband a lovely time and their amazing house Saturday night! Man could I have a lot of fun on their stairs if only they'd let me! In my childhood home we used to put a mattress on the stairs and slide down over and over again! I must return to their house and do that one day. Can I? Please can I? I hope my kid marries one of theirs and that she spends hours upon hours sliding down the stairs there!


Jason said...

I am curious. Why a tiger coated devil ducky? I would have imagined Heidi with a red flammed one or perhaps camoflauge. :)

Hair cut looks good, Sarah. It'll work out better when it gets warmer, besides when is such a thing happpening over there?

Heidi and Sarah Face The Day said...

The sun is out! It's cold as a mofo but the sun is shining! I once had the best meal of my life in Atlanta Georgia when I was 16 years old.
Glad you like the hair! I gave up on all that gel after the first day though. Who needs all that bother.
Heidi of course also has red flamed duckies. Good call.

Heidi and Sarah Face The Day said...

Why a leopardskin ducky? Because Somebody who knows me really well gave it to me! And he was right on! I really love Leopardskin stuff!!!!! My house is full of it! Blankets, the covers of our chairs, my little DJ-suit, my ducky, a purse,...
I do have flamed shoes!!! and I wear a black T-shirt with an 8-ball with flames on it today!