Friday, March 03, 2006

Friday 03 March 2006: Heidi and Sarah look sort of better than usual today for some unknown reason because it's not as if they feel great or anything!

Heidi says:
Wow! I look human today! Fresh! Awake! Even with blushy cheeks...
Again I'm heading for a calm weekend. I hate those! It's not normal for me not to make plans and not to do anything. When spring is here...

Sarah says:
There's my looking up over my glasses again look! Yeah okay I look all right and surprisingly awake but why always that same dang mulle! Last night I saw my favorite episode of Curb Your Enthusiasm yet! It's the next to last episode of season 5 when Larry pretends to be an orthodox Jew in order to get a kidney for Richard Lewis. Larry David is sicker than I have ever seen him. I have a raspy voice today from laughing so hard while watching it! He's covered everything this season and then some! Blacks, whites, handicapped people, gays, lesbians, big-vagina-people and small-willy men, old men into porn, old women better at bingo than he is, cheaters, liars, newspaper stealers, convicted sex offenders, bra-less housekeepers, Jesus on the cross, and last night, orthodox Jews and Muslim detectives who carry around edible underwear with them! He never stops! Larry David picks a fight with everyone and is mostly always right! That's why I can't get enough of Larry David. He is pretty much like a God to me. I worship him! He's anti everything almost and everybody! He's a sicko freak! I love Larry David.



Anonymous said...

haha Sarah believes in GOD!!!!

Heidi and Sarah Face The Day said...

AS -- I believe in Larry David. He's my God because he sees the evil in everyone. He knows that people are not born good and that most people are liars and cheaters just like he is. We all just pretend to be good. In Larry David's world the Jews are doing bad things like pushing people up the list on the kidney donar line. The Muslims are doing bad things like having little black sacks with edible panties in them. The Catholics are doing bad things like buying the nails that went through Jesus on e-bay. In Larry's world everyone is an asshole. Larry is my only God deary as much as you would like to think otherwise -- well, Larry, mother earth and LOVE -- as the Lool would say!!! Hey AS -- did anyone every suggest changing your name from AS to BS? BAHEHEHAHAHAHA -- have a great weekend and man are you IN FOR IT on Monday!!! :-) - Sarah

Anonymous said...

Yah yah yah.
You put on your rough face - but we know what's underneath. But okay if you wanna just keep it between us. Wink Wink.
ARS (better?)

Jason said...

Lovely as always to see Heidi with her bright eyes.

Trying for a seductive stare, Sarah? Good news; it's working. I think you are ready for your close up. :)