Tuesday, January 10, 2006

Tuesday 10 January 2006: Sarah is full of stupid faces these days and Heidi, well Heidi maintains her stature...

10 January: Look how silly Sarah looks with that mulle. It's getting boring taking photos of their faces. Heidi and Sarah might start showing you their arses instead! At this point it might be more interesting! Heidi stands by looking trés chic as Sarah hams it up. These girls have to come up with some new ideas fast! They may not even make it through the whole year otherwise!

Heidi says:
It's that kind of day. Again. Not one photo we took of ourselves can satisfy us. So we chose the funny one! Have you ever seen Sarah with such a face? I surely haven't! :)

Sarah says:
That's already my arse I'm showing you! Pretty, eh! That's another new shirt I'm wearing by the way in stone grey -- cold stone grey. I'm tired today. Can you tell? And man my hair needs some work! My eyebrows too! And you should see how hairy my legs have gotten so far this winter! Wowsers! Despite all -- I feel fine and fancy-free! No complaints at all!

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