Monday, January 09, 2006

Monday 09 January 2006: Heidi and Sarah start a new week, weak or strong?

09 January: Heidi and Sarah are off to a new start! It's a new week. It's the end of having days off and down-time. It's the beginning of what they wonder? What will this week bring? Time will tell. Time will tell.

Heidi says:
What a weekend! What a weekend! It was all Lost! No no, not a lost weekend but a Lost weekend! My friends W&A and Nico and me watched NINE episodes of the series and it's all thanks to Sarah! Yep, we are hooked up! It's not that I think the series are so great. There are lots of moments that it all becomes so pathetic for me that I start to laugh instead of cry along with the characters... But I must agree with Sarah that the tension is built up so well that I can only be addicted to these series, and that's why my friends and me are devouring the episodes on every moment we find...
Even more addictive is Carnivale, of which the second season has just started on Belgian TV. You know where to find me the next weeks. In front of my telly!

Sarah says:
For someone who burst yesterday, I must say I look quite okay and put back together and for some reason not as bloated up as I imagined – and I even have my period so that’s pretty amazing! I slept a lot this weekend and like Heidi, watched a lot of TV. I finished watching all of season 4 of Curb Your Enthusiasm and enjoyed it so very much. It was pretty, pretty, pretty,pretty good. Larry David is a sicko! He’s really covered everything this time! He’s probably managed to offend so many politically correct people out there in one season – and that’s what makes him my hero! Favorite episode? The Survivor one no doubt! Amazing that one is! Amazing! I swear, Larry David is pretty much right-on about just about everything and everyone!
I also watched the first three episodes of The Office again. Just watching that makes you feel uncomfortable. Every five seconds is an “ouch” moment! Comedy can be painful! Pretty, pretty, pretty painful.
I am glad Heidi is watching Lost. No matter how many very all-too-American moments that show has, there is something so very captivating about it. It’s good story-telling. A mix of so many genres. The mystery and link elements keep you coming back. The fantasy part keeps you thinking about it. You want to know more and more about the characters. It’s like a million short stories linked back into one bigger one. I am a fan! There’s so much good stuff out there nowadays. No wonder we are all such TV heads!

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