Monday, January 09, 2006

Sunday 08 January 2006: Sarah finally bursts from all the festive food and Heidi? Where is Heidi? She'll check in later...

Heidi says: Entertainment at a family new years' party... Meet aunt Rita! She's the best!

Sarah says:
That's it, I burst. That photo was taken right before I officially burst! It was very Monty Python-like! If I didn't have my period right now; I'd begin fasting today. I don't really think fasting is healthy. But after such a food-fest throughout this holiday season, it only seems right! I'll of course still drink water and surely coffee. I'll probably even still eat. I have no character with these sorts of things. No will-power. Anyway, until the bleeding stops, I'll keep eating. Just less, that's all. It's time for LESS LESS LESS!

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