Wednesday, January 11, 2006

Wednesday 11 January 2006: Heidi claims she looks tired but actually doesn't and Sarah does her best Grandma look for y'all...

11 January 2006: Heidi has a sparkle in her eyes --her effort paid off though she thinks not. Sarah let's you see how she's going to look as a grannie in a few years....

Heidi says:
I made an effort today. But apparently it didn't work... I think Face the day is showing its therapeutical side to me now. A picture everyday, even when I look tired or exhausted or just simply ugly, post it on the blog, show it to the world, it's honest and it makes me learn to live with myself. So i'm fine with this picture. No matter how tired or exhausted or ugly I look. Neh!

Sarah says:
We don’t see ourselves right! Heidi looks awake in this photo – she’s all sparkle-eyed! She thinks she looks tired! I think she looks bright and pretty! I look like a grandma looking over my glasses like that. I can really see myself aging now. Lines on the neck. Older skin. Smaller eyes. For the moment I don’t mind! I’m okay with all that! I feel fine! But that’s just for today! I mean I’m almost 35! It’s normal to start to age a bit. I think women can look so pretty in their 30s, 40s, 50s, etcetera. It’s how you carry yourself! As long as I don’t get much fatter I’ll be happy I think. I hope my mind stays young and awake even if I start to look older and more and more tired. Tomorrow I’ll go back to complaining about myself, don’t worry.

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