Sunday, January 22, 2006

Saturday 21 January 2006: Sarah's just chilling. Heidi will see y'all later...

21 January: Not a lot to report. For Sarah it's been a slow and uneventful weekend of doing laundry, shopping and hanging around. For Heidi? Who knows. She'll tell you later...

Heidi says:
Here I am to tell you what a day I had! I had a nice day with S but forgot to take a picture. Sorry!

Sarah says:
Boring weekend to be honest. Just trying to rest before going to Cannes for work next week. Do you like my eyebrows. Good job, eh! I'd show you my waxed parts but I'm sure you'd rather I didn't! Saw Heidi for a bit Friday night but didn't catch up with her today. I have ardly left my bhouse!

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