Sunday, January 22, 2006

Sunday 22 January 2006: sarah's pretending to be happy and Heidi is tired...

22 January 2006: Once again, an uneventful day for Sarah at least. It's been all about practical stuff. Wonder what Heidi is getting up to?

Heidi says:
I'm just tired and would love to stay in all day and sleep.

Sarah says:
See how happy I am! Happy. Happy. Happy. Actually, it's been a boring weekend. And tomorrow I'm off to Cannes for 4 days for a music fair. I'll see what I can do about photos. Maybe I'll just take them and post them when I am back. Let's see what heidi gets up to whilst I'm gone. Till the end of the week!

Sarah and Heidi are wearing the same socks! What a coincidence! Woohoo! Oh my!

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