Friday, January 20, 2006

Friday 20 January 2006: Could Heidi and Sarah be waking from their stupor? Sarah's new illuminator make-up works! :-)

20 January 2005: Too many photos in a row taken inside now that winter has hit Heidi and Sarah and K-town. But now it’s kind of warm again. At least too warm for this time of year. The sky is heavy like an army helmet with bombs going off in the background. Heidi and Sarah saw that last night as they drove home. The sky was hanging darkly all over them and suffocating them slightly. They survived the night though and greeted the morning whole-heartedly. Now they look forward to their weekends. Are Heidi and Sarah heading towards better days again? Might they start to look fresh and awake and alive again soon? Stay tuned…

Heidi says:
Today will be a fine day, together with the whole weekend!!! It starts with a reception on the children's farm in Marke, where my friend Wout adopted a sheep a year ago and all the godfathers and godmothers are celebrating their animals, and I'm invited!!! Who knows I'll be the proud godmother of a sheep by tonight... After that it's party time, again! Sarahs good friend D is leaving for another country and is saying goodbye to all his friends, family and people he knows by accident (that'll be me) and guess what! I'm invited! Tomorrow I will meet a friend I went to school with in Antwerp, 7 years ago (man I'm getting old!) and we'll stroll around in K-town, have nice food, meet other friends, like K, and visit houses. S, that's my Antwerp friend, has never been in K-town before. Shame on her! And Sunday it's Jesse his b-day-party!!!! My little godchild is turning 1! Party! So that's my weekend, cosy, pleasant, and not very demanding.

Sarah says:
Wow! Go Heidi, you go girl. Heidi hasn’t been so very wordy in so very long! She’s awake my friends, AWAKE. I am too though my throat is about to swell and head burst. I’m fighting off this cold with all my might – even sleeping apart from my dear hubby who has had a mean cold all week that I don’t want to catch – if you see him somewhere, give him my hellos and love! This afternoon I’ll get WAXED!!! From bottom to top really. And let me tell you, it’s about time! My legs are like a hairy man’s legs. I’ll leave the rest of the information out. Tonight it’s a quick reception at my kid’s school then I’ll run into Heidi at D’s thingy and then I’ll probably collapse sick to bed. Tomorrow I get my eyebrows plucked first thing – lord knows it’s time for that too – just look at them! In today’s photo you can see how all the little hairs are popping out. I’m a hairy beast these days. My head hair too—it’s growing and growing all of a sudden! Tomorrow afternoon I have to do a bunch of stuff and I’ll be with my kid at night. Sunday it’s shopping for new couches and preparing for my trip next week – not vacation – work I’m afraid – to the music fair in Cannes. And then I’m off! Will you miss me? Heidi will – that I am sure of! Have a lovely weekend!!!

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