Thursday, January 19, 2006

Thursday 19 January 2006: Heidi's eye is 'assorti' with her sweater! Sarah's hair is different today for once with no mid-forehead strand...

19 January: Heidi and Sarah don't have much to offer you today other than a smile here and a wink there -- you just can't see the wink -- but they are winking at you. They think you are CUTE!

Heidi says:
My eye is 'assorti' with my sweater! Sarah must love me now! (for your information, she hates the word 'assorti', haha)

There is nothing worse than a couple that dresses like each other. Like a couple in their 50s -- each one with the same rain jacket they bought at the Aldi on sale or something. I mean to each his own and who am I to judge and all that but I just don't like to see it. My husband got a black sweatjacket like the one I am wearing today. I HATE that! Now I have to check if he's wearing his too and as I write this I realize he is today! On the other hand, last Saturday when Heidi and I worked with vredeseiland so many of the volunteers all had this same sort of black sweatjacket -- we were like a gang! We were all "assorti".
I guess I have to learn to live with this. I'll do my best. Since I usually wear black, I have a high percentage chance of being assorti with lots of people because lots of people wear black. However, I only really notice people being assorti when they are wearing bright colors. This is all very interesting isn't it! WAKE UP!!!!!

And -- waht do you think of my hair today? I look older, eh? Yep, I do. I look almost 35 like I am. It's happening. It's really happening. Give into it. Just give in.

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