Monday, December 05, 2005

Saturday 03 December 2005: Sarah looks drunk and hot and sweaty and Heidi, well Heidi will be with us later...

03 December: Saturday passed fine and dandy. Not much to report.

Heidi says:
Yes yes, I know, again the same special guest. You know why that is? Cause I spend a lot of time with this boy... Fun fun fun!

Sarah says:
Why am I so red and hot and sweaty and flushed looking in that photo? I really can't remember why? Seriously? What was I doing in there? What went on? I don't even remember taking that photo! Strange, very strange indeed. What I do remember is that it was a whole lot of fun weekend with way too much eating. Not enough sleeping. And lots of seeing people and having fun and talking a lot and celebrating Sinterklaas with the kid! I think I was happy when I took this photo. Do you like my new stripey shirt? I always though horizontal stripes were a no-no for large people -- that they made you look fatter. But this shirt didn't do that to me happily. So the theory could be wrong! And to think that all these years I avoided stripes! I shall embrace stripes from now on.

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