Friday, December 02, 2005

Friday 02 December 2005: Sarah had her eyebrows done by a new person today and Heidi had a facial last night. So far so good...

02 December: Heidi and Sarah have been beautician hopping! Ever since CK left, they have had to find a new special person to work on their mulles and totes. Now they have two to choose from, lucky them! Sarah's face is all red and warm and pimply as usual (when it's not pale and cold and pimply) and Heidi's pores have been squeezed out and Sarah's eyebrows plucked this time by Ann Verduyn at
Sarah and Heidi also remain fans of Isabel at Bellissima and congratulate her on her new baby!!!

Heidi says:
Sarah says I have a mysterious look in this picture. Something with the eyes. I only see a ugly head. Or how you can view yourself differently than someone else...

Sarah says:
Here's the name poem that CK asked for a while back finally:

C = cheerful
H = hides age lines and pimples very well
E = eager to make people feel and look good
R = really young and good looking for her age!
Y = yippy! We'll see her next year!
L = Lovely lady your are missed!

Have a good weekend! I wish I could sleep for the next 72 hours at least! You like my eyebrows?

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