Monday, December 05, 2005

Sunday 04 December 2005: Sarah falls into a deep sleep and Heidi? Heidi will report to ya'll later...

04 December: Sarah begins her long hibernation for the winter months and Heidi will tell you what she got up to later. These two gals did not meet once this weekend, which is a rare thing. Today they will have to make up for it.

Heidi says:
Meet Gabrielle! Isn't she very goodlooking and sparkling? And she's a good dancer on top of that!
I had a very inspiring Sunday, I must say. Dj'ing with a glass of champaign in my one hand, and a record in my other hand, then later dancing on the music of Mademoiselle Jean, and later later (batter batter) eating MacDonalds (only fish thank you) . Tiring but inspiring!

Sarah says:
I have to share this awful thing I saw!!!! I was at Delhaize Saturday late afternoon and there was this man with 5 kids all very young and all very loud. It looked like a middle-class family. Nice clothes. The father was maybe 40 years old. Anyway – the damn ignorant arse saw two dark black men two aisles over. He pointed to them and said to his kids in Dutch: “Look kids, there’s Black Piet”. The two black men were pretty surprised by this comment. One answered with a laugh that he wasn’t the real one. But everyone seemed quite disturbed by this stupid, ignorant and racist comment? I watched the two black men discussing it, laughing off the man’s total disregard. The cashier I was paying, gave me eye-contact that said “oh my god did you hear that!!!” But then to make it worse, the guy told his kid I had so much food on the conveyer belt because I was a fat women! I was speechless. The cashier looked again appalled. I couldn’t say anything. My Dutch couldn’t be fast enough. If I had found the words I would have said something like “it’s enough that you are a total, stupid, ignorant, racist arsehole, but do you really have to teach your 5 children that you MORON! Anyway – it was more surprising than anything else because he had all these kids and you just hope that people teach their kids to be better people and good people! Now there may be 5 arsehole kids out there no thanks to their dad who will grow into arsehole adults and have their own kids whom they’ll teach the same bad stuff to! No doubt one or two of them will see the light and grow up being totally ashamed of their dumb-ass father and they’ll rebel and leave home early and have a lot of anger and become artists or suicide victims. Anyway – other than that, I had a great, great weekend!

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Anonymous said...

Sarah, you're not fat! (Alex)