Thursday, November 03, 2005

Thursday 03 November 2005: Heidi and Sarah are as sweet as sugar for y'all today!

03 November: Heidi and Sarah love you. They send you their smiles and good wishes today. They think you are great and beautiful and lovely. They could not live without you. They want you to know how much they care for you. Heidi and Sarah love you...

Heidi says:
so sweet! So so sweet! What the hell is wrong with us????

Sarah says:
I'm ovulating today -- at my most fertile -- so the below study interested me. I am pretty sure I am lacking in Oestrogen, especially these days! I gotta get me some of that!!! Thank the Lawd for make-up! Although nothing's covering those zits next to my nose today!
"Women with high levels of the sex hormone oestrogen have prettier faces, research suggests."
The findings make sense. There are clear benefits to choosing particular types of female faces. Oestrogen is related to fertility.
"The findings about make-up are also interesting. The implication is that women are employing a deceptive strategy. They can fool the male visual system with make-up."
He said his studies with co-worker Craig Roberts showed female attractiveness also fluctuated throughout the menstrual cycle, peaking at a woman's most fertile days.

And finally, don't forget:

Shore Leave + Greyn + Nice'n'Haydee

2 concerten + party in de Cultuurkapel De Schaduw, Wezestraat 32 te Ardooie

Datum: Zaterdag, 19/11/2005 at 20:30

Prijs: 7 Euro (at the door); 5 Euro V.V.K.


Unknown said...

You're both looking so Hi Hi Puffy Ami Yumi today! Good enough to eat:

Anonymous said...

it looks to be raining hearts in k-town and you two are soooo happy. hmmmm hearts falling from the sky.. if one hits you would it be a "heart attack"? if one hits the ground and crumbles would it be a "heart break"?... WHERE'S SABINE?????? maybe she left early in order to go to the hairdresser????