Friday, November 04, 2005

Friday 04 November 2005: Sarah masks her real feelings as she goes at it without Heidi on this frazzled Friday... NEWSFLASH: HEIDI GETS HAIRCUT AGAIN!

Heidi says about above photo with Kapper Sonny from Harelbeke:
Fresh haircut! New person! Hairdressers should be therapists!

04 November: Nothing like a good mask to hide one's bad skin behind. Sarah faces off with herself at home whilst Heidi does whatever she's doing today. They will meet again soon for sure. Maybe after Heidi gets her haircut today, (yet again -- only one month ago did she last cut it -- that Heiditje is a hair-horse!).

Heidi says:
Here I am Sarah!!! And there I go again...

Sarah says:
I like my new look. Certainly a mass improvement! Don't you think? Have a great weekend people!

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