Monday, November 07, 2005

Saturday 05 November: Heidi and Sarah face Saturday alone. Sarah has had enough of the stuff that keeps popping up! DJ HAYDEE! in the house!

05 November: Heidi goes her way and Sarah goes her way and a whole day happens without Heidi and Sarah meeting each other. Imagine that. How very sad. Sarah starts to notice people not looking her in the eye but in the ZIT instead! She's fed up. It seems there is no cream in the world that's willing to help her. She even watches those info-commercials with that Dukes of Hazard chic that she can't stand in desperation, trying to find out how she can also get rid of her pimples! Sarah can't even look you in the eye today... As for Heidi's eyes, don't they look great in this photo?

Heidi says:
Dj Haydee! at your service! (and Dj Nice trying to get in the picture)

Sarah says:
I know, I know. I'm a wanker! A Zit wanker! Nice image, éh?! Pop!
It's just that as soon as I get rid of the arseholes on my chin, two new big babies pop up next to my nose. These aren't even your run-of-the-mill zits. They are really painful. More like blisters full of blood. They stay for months. They leave scars. They have their own throbbing pulse!!!

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