Monday, November 07, 2005

Sunday 06 November: Again Heidi and Sarah go their own ways. Sarah eats up with special guests PC and CD and Heidi has a family day!

06 November: Alas -- Heidi and Sarah have a whole weekend without crossing each other's paths. Don't worry, they did sms each other about 20 times or so. They find their ways. Sarah brunched-out with special guests PC and CD who were kind enough to offer their mulle and tote to Heidi and Sarah's Face the Day site. Heidi meets up with her family clan for a meal. Doesn't Heidi's hair look great and sophisticated above?

Heidi says:
A walk to the restaurant with the whole family. If you look up close, you'll recognise all of them. Maybe a little quiz?

Sarah says:
I look strange in the above photo. Pudgy. Snaggle-toothed. Bushy-browed. Pasty. Messy-headed. But that's okay. Don't you worry. I feel fine, fine fine. I am not wanking about it. Just stating it. Sadly, you can't see it in the photo, but special guest CD has fantastic hair! I love it. Would love to be able to have such a style. It looks great on her. She's a natural beauty. Her boyfriend PC is not bad either. She even cut his hair. Well-done. Speaking of haircuts, I really like Heidi's new one. It's super!

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Nice picture!