Sunday, November 13, 2005

Sunday 13 November: Heidi is blinded by the light, wrapped up like a douche. Sarah welcomes special guest the lovely Wim Opbrouck!

13 November: Heidi and Sarah meet in the sunshine just as Heidi gets out of her bed. when they took this photo, Heidi had yet to brush her teeth -- just so you know -- maybe that explains the look on Sarah's face? Sorry Heiditje -- she'll perhaps slap Sarah silly for that remark. Sarah happily welcomes the funny, funny man Wim Opbrouck to Heidi and Sarah's Face The Day site!

Heidi says: (as Sarah imagines):
I'm gonna kick yer honky arse for that bad breath comment you mofo Sarah! I'm blind! I'm blind!

Sarah says:
I couldn't be friends with Heidi if she was stinky. Well, I could. But I wouldn't. It was fun chatting with Wim Opbrouck Saturday night. He's of course one of the funny ones from the beloved pee-in-your-pants shows:
He was friendly enough to let me take his photo. He's a good one! A fun one! Very pleasant guy! I was just happy to hear him talk about hemorrhoids during is concert. I wish everyone would just come right out and say - dang, my damn rhoids are burning me arse yet again! Why are people generally so precious about such topics? I think people should never be afraid to say what's going on inside or outside or on their body. As long as I don't have to smell it! I think November 13th should be: Be proud of your hemorrhoids day! Preparation H should be given out free to the masses on that day. Blow-up cushions and sitz-baths should be on every chair around.

Have a great Sunday everyone and thanks WO and AV for being special guests on Heidi and Sarah's Face The Day site!

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