Sunday, November 13, 2005

Saturday 12 November: Heidi and Sarah show off their lovely eyebrows again and Sarah welcomes special birthday girl Annabelle Vannieuwenhuyze!

12 November: Sarah JUST got her eyebrows plucked -- can't you tell? What a difference a day makes! Heidi looks on proudly. It's a happy Saturday for these two shallow gals. Nothing like an eyebrow job to perk up your face and your day.

Below Sarah meets up with special guest Annabelle Vannieuwenhuyze for her birthday. Sarah's husband thinks Annabelle is swell. Sarah had a grand old time at AV's get together and met lots of equally swell people.

Heidi says:(as Sarah imagines):
Wow do my cheek bones look like major-cheek bones! I'll never need cheek implants. Lucky me!

Sarah says:
Compare my eyebrows in the above two photos. The less hair on my face the better! I was 5 days away from having not only a uni-brow but a beard and moustache too! Freaking over-working hormones! Well, at least my zits are going away finally. Friday night was fun. Lots of nice people. Great food. Today is also a nice one. I feel happy!

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