Friday, November 11, 2005

Friday 11 November 2005: Heihi Barrhin and Vasha Dcrsubimg are up in arms on today, Armstice Day!

And that's it for today folks! Sarah and Heidi are tired and are going home for a nap!
It has been a long day and it will be a long night!

Later that day, Sarah and Heidi are yet again, up to no good. Do you see those looks on their faces?
Later that morning ABOVE things get a little Heidi and Sarah learn to keep their weapons still and make peace not war. Sarah looks like she fought a battle and lived to tell!

Here's my own name poem! :))

Her hair is her pride and addiction
Egomaniac as she is
Independant sometimes at least
Daring when it comes to change her looks
Irrefragable a bitch

Gross, most of the time
Affection, that's actually all she wants
Rough, is how she speaks
Rampageous, is how she moves
Evil is her mind and soul
In fact, she'd like to believe this but
Nothing is more true, she's just a wuss...

Sarah is doing Heidi a favor now and putting the Dutch tranlsation below:
Her name would have to be this though: Heihi Barrhin

Haar haar is haar trots en verslaving
Egomaniac zoals zij is
Independant soms minstens
Het durven wanneer het komt om haar blikken te veranderen
Irrefragable een wijfje

Bruto, meestal
Affectie, dat eigenlijk allen wil zij
Ruw, is hoe zij spreekt
Rampageous, is hoe zij zich beweegt
Het kwaad is haar mening en ziel
In feite, she'd houd van dit te geloven maar
Niets is waarder, zij heeft enkel wuss...

10 November: Heidi and Sarah have a cuppa and soggy mush for breakfast...

Heidi says:
Nothing yet --not awake enough.

Sarah says:
Here's my name poem I had to write about myself when I was 9 or 11, not sure how old. It still hangs framed on my mom's wall. On it, I drew a photo of me with a guitar and a cat I think. What was I thinking with W and with M and with S for that matter and with that last H!!!

Name Poem:

Hesitant, but talented

Monkey lover
Ability to sing
Kind to cats
Excellent in Music
Willing to participate in clubs
Courageous cat lover
Happy with life
Dutch translation: but then my name would be Vasha Dcrsubimg

Aarzelend, maar begaafd

De minnaar van de aap
Capaciteit te zingen
Soort aan katten
Uitstekend in Muziek
Bereid om aan clubs deel te nemen
Moedige kattenminnaar
Gelukkig met het leven

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