Monday, November 21, 2005

Monday 21 November 2005: Heidi and Sarah are tired on this cold Monday. Also, here are 19/11 photos from the Greyn and DJ Haydee gig at De Schaduw.

21 November: Heidi and Sarah want to sleep with you. Really -- just sleep, that's all. They are very, very tired. They got home at 4:30 Saturday night and today drank too much coffee and feel drugged. Someone perhaps slipped something in their coffee. Was it you? See below for more photos from the Greyn gig where DJs Nice'n'Haydee! played records after and Shore Leave opened at De Schaduw in Ardooie on Saturday 19 November.

Heidi Says:
Don't mention it, I know I look tired! Heavy weekend... but a very nice one! Ask Sarah! And my other dear friends who were part of it!

Sarah says:
For more Greyn shots taken by Heidi see
Later we'll hopefully get all the photos up on our lomo site at:
There were a few people at the gig whose photo we took with us. When time allows, we'll place those on the lomo site. In the meantime, enjoy the ones below.
Damn diggy damn am I tired today and boy oh boy can you see that in the above photo!

Haydee with a cat? What's going on! She is a cat maybe. Cat eyes. Meow...
Sarah is so full of crap up on stage -- she talk a lot of bull. She has fun fun fun!

DJs Nice'n'Haydee!! pose for a pretty picture. Rough and tough they are.
Sarah tries to concentrate as she watches a pig roam around the front row.
There's the pig with the pig and Haydee -- I mean with Sarah and Haydee!


Kay Richardson said...

Why a pig? I am scared. Do you have any pictures of you dressed 'up'?

Anonymous said...

Hey Kay, Heidi here!
What do you mean with dressed up? We are dressed up, eh Sarah?
Thanks for visiting us by the way!

Heidi and Sarah Face The Day said...

Hi Kay,

How did you find our blog and what do you mean? Heidi and Sarah would love to know... Cheers, Sarah