Tuesday, November 22, 2005

Tuesday 22 November 2005: Sarah is well-hung as Heidi laughs at her weak attempt at suicide...

22 November:Heidi and Sarah don’t know what to do with themselves today. Sarah’s eyes hurt and she had a lousy sleep with a constant buzz in her head. Heidi wants to laugh at everyone’s pain today, including Sarah’s. There are devils swarming about in these girls’ minds. Will they make it successfully to Wednesday? Will Tuesday end on a happy note? As happy a note as the happy head of Heidi and Sarah's special Face The Day guest DV below?

Heidi says:
It's a hard knock life, but Sarah and Heidi keep on having fun! In their own way, that is!
While Sarah is electrocuting herself or better, hanging herself with a electric wire, Heidi gets the giggles: 'haha Sarah, hanging yourself is so much more fun than to jump off the balustrade (balcony)!' Great fun we have! Why don't you all join us? :)) (no this is not a invitation to commit suicide all together, just to have some fun!)

Sarah says:
I wish I were as well-hung as Robert Plant. I was telling Heidi how I would love to come out on stage at a Greyn show with tight jeans and a prosthetic willy in my pants the size of Robert’s plants bulge from Led Zeppelin. I dream of being a chic with di/k on stage. But I sadly don’t have the balls to pull that kind of thing off. Hence, today’s hanging. Goodbye cruel world, there’s nothing you can say to make me change my mind. Good bye. See ya’ll tomorrow!!!

Below you can see a Face The Day special guest DV who wanted very badly to bless these pages with his lovely presence. Thank you DV for lending us your smiley face on 19/11 at De Schaduw!

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