Sunday, November 20, 2005

Sunday 20 November 2005: Heidi and Sarah make friends with a pot-bellypig that belongs to the ever-so-kind Jonah at De Schaduw in Ardooie!

Which one is the fat pig?Hard to tell! Jonah is the smiley one. He runs De Schaduw!
Coming out of the closet can never be easy.
Haydee and Sarah allow the boys from Shore Leave
(yes that's Greyn's dashing keyboard player) to take a photo with them.

djs Nice'n'Haydee! not only can turn records, they can dance your pants off too!
Hey! Isn't that Mr. Belgium from Stanley's Way?!!! He's a nice friendly guy!
Filip, Greyn's drummer, finally found a friend who understands him. They shared a lovelymoment and a roll in the mud together! We've never seen Filip happier!

20 November: Meet Madou (spelling?) -- the big fat mascot of De Schaduw in Ardooie! How odd was it to arrive in Ardooie, get lost, have a police escort to De Schaduw, walk into De Schaduw and the first thing seen is this pig roaming around -- have a fun concert with Shore Leave as the opener and Greyn as the main act with Nice'n'Haydee! as the DJs afterwards, run into a former Mr. Belgium -- then drive home on fog-filled farm roads and come to a fallen electric concrete pole in the rode next to a scared girl whose car had just hit it. Very Very David Lynch night that started with a closet on top of a small car driving through Kortrijk.

more photos and comments to come later when time allows. Above are a few glimpses for you ;-)

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Anonymous said...

will there be a live album / dvd of last nights' event? will there be a pay-per-view showing? unfair that folks in the u.s. are unable to see it happen live and only have photos to tell the story.
i'm hoping there are no pork eaters in the crowd.