Wednesday, October 19, 2005

Wednesday 19 October 2005: Heidi and sarah will take today's photo tonight and post it here tomorrow. In the meantime, a photo from the past...

19 October 2005: Today's photo will be taken tonight and posted tomorrow since Heidi and Sarah haven't seen each other in a day or two and it's time they do. Please enjoy this temporary photo of Heidi and Sarah taken in April of last year -- or maybe the year before? We're not sure! Anyway, Heidi's hair sure has changed a lot and Sarah looks a bit different too. Hairstyles do determine a lot it seems. Sometimes this site can be painful for its makers. This photo was taken pre-Face The Day. It's a good way for Heidi and Sarah and their 5 viewers to see how they have changed and how they will keep changing no doubt.

Have a great day from heidi and sarah at face the day!

Next day comments: so above you can see us trying to smile for today's photo and you can see Sarah staring into space as she discovers the art of being alone and discovers it makes her lonely!

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