Tuesday, October 18, 2005

Tuesday 18 October 2005: Sarah washes, shaves, masks and tans. What is Heidi up to she wonders?

18 October: Sarah does not feel like part of the living so she makes an effort today to clean up her act. She tries to revive her bad skin with Lush's Honey Brazen mask but nothing works! She can't have a real shower till this weekend so she does her best to get clean. Where is Heidi, she wonders, missing her badly...

Heidi says:
an apple a day keeps the doctor away

Sarah says:
I am not full of joy. I am bored and tired and feeling very ugly and smelly. I tried to clean myself up a little and pump some life into myself but no good results yet. In time I guess. In time. If I had to stay home all the time I would be very depressed. I need human contact. The life alone is not the life for me! Sorry to show you myself

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