Thursday, October 20, 2005

Thursday 20 October 2005: Heidi gets Sarah out of the house as they meet for lunch at Bio PLanet and Sarah stalks a bike-riding Heidi from afar...

20 October: Heidi and Sarah have a quick head to head at Bio planet for lunch and Sarah follows Heidi, stalking her as she rides her bike. Little does she know.

Heidi says (as Sarah imagines):
belly ache... ouch.

Sarah says:
It was good to see Heidi today and good to step outside my house, my cage :-). Last night and this morning there was a big floater in the toilet that was not mine and even with 10 flushes it didn't go down!!! Does anyone have any good suggestions as to how to handle such a floater? The culprit of this floater suggested cutting it in half! I'm not about to do that, not even if it were my own! The odd thing is, and maybe someone understand this -- someone good at physics out there, the really odd thing is that it did finally flush but only when some more of the same stuff was added. Why is that?????!!!!!

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