Sunday, October 23, 2005

Sunday 23 October 2005: Oh where oh where is Heidi today? Sarah hasn't heard from her even though they had a tentative photo plan. See Sarah's HENNA!!

23 October 2005: Heidi is A.W.O.L. and M.I.A. Oh where of where is Heidi? Has anyone seen Heidi today on this fine Sunday? Sarah and Heidi were playing hide-and-seek yesterday during their photo-shoot. Maybe Heidi is still hiding out somewhere waiting for Sarah to discover her.

Heidi says:
I am back! Sarah thought I was lost but I am right here! And I have not much to say other then: look how 'assorti' my guest and me are! Sarah hates this :)) (Is she going to hate me now?)...

Sarah says:
Hmm... Odd... Uh, as this is sarah and heidi face the day and heidi is nowhere to be found, I'm just going to call it a night and hope, first of all, that heidi remembered to take a photo of herself today since we didn't meet (as the rule book requires) and second of all that heidi is okay.
How did I spend my day. Well, I gave in to my massive grey hairs finally and followed Heidi's lead and tried out Henna (Lush's Caca maroon). Not sure if my photo will show that, but my greys are now electric red. Not sure how I feel about that yet. I will repeat the dirty henna process for two more days beacuse that apparently makes it last longer and we'll just see how it evolves. Tell me what you think. Do you notice a difference? All I'm concerned about is the greys. I am not trying to get a new col:or. I like my dark hair. I actually want it to stay dark. But the greys were getting a bit unruly and at this point I refuse to really dye it because I am not high-maintenance enough to keep that ritual up and I hate exposed roots. I hope this Henna is a good alternative. I'll report back on that later. Now I must go medicate my belly-button. Oh -- and in case Fej was wondering, there were no floaters this weekend thankfully, although the Henna did sort of resemble many things out of the floater family!

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Unknown said...

Sarah, you are actually beautiful in that shower cap!