Sunday, October 23, 2005

Saturday 22 October 2005: Heidi and Sarah go wild in bamboo as they play a game of hide and seek. Can you find them?

22 October: Not much to report on this simple Sarturday except that Heidi and Sarah are having more and more trouble finding good places to pose for photos and good faces to bring your way. They are in search of better hooks and profiles. Give them time. They'll surprise you yet!

Heidi say: (as Sarah imagines):
It's about time Sarah and I get back into our normal rythym of seeing each other pretty much everyday easily rather than having to make time to do so! A few more days and Sarah will be out of her sick-bed and it should all go back to normal.

Sarah says:
MY BELLY-BUTTON IS GONE!!!!!!!!!!! It's not exactly gone, but it sure isn't the same belly-button that I had before. It's changed. I can hardly bring myself to clean the crust out of it. It's all scabby and much smaller than before!!! I have always had an uncomfortable and distant relationship with that damn unnecessary hole that's only been good for collecting dust and crust! And now this! Nobody told me I'd come out of this operation with a different belly-button! One day i'll tell you why I have always been afraid of my belly-button. Now I am downright terrified of the stanky thing!

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