Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Sarah's 40th birthday is long gone but here are the pics anyway with a walk down 5 years of memory lane!

That's me above on my 40th!!!!! birthday - 02 June 2011! If you compare this photo to the ones below, you really can see that I am getting older - which is normal of course - but feels odd! Oh well! They say the 40s are great, right?! I think I have a lot to look forward to!

A little more tired and a bit bigger bags under my eyes and fang teeth that are yellowing but otherwise, pretty, pretty, pretty good. I was 39 a year ago and I didn't look much different from the previous 4 years. Click here to go back to my 39th birthday!

There I am above two years ago today on my 38th birthday! Go back to that day via this link and see what a great day that was!

That's Heidi and me on my birthday three years ago - 02 June 2008 at age 37! Click here to go back in time!

That's me four years ago today on my 36th birthday - 02 June 2007! Via this link you can go back to that day three years ago!

There you can see Heidi and me five years ago on my birthday - 02 June 2006 when I turned 35! This link will take you back to that day so long ago!

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