Saturday, October 02, 2010

Saturday 02 October 2010 - spaghetti squash is back in season and that makes Sarah happy. The idea of Heidi's cutting her hair Monday is scary!

Sarah says:
Spaghetti squash is in season again and in the shops in Belgium! It's my favorite food! I really recommend you all buy some and try some. It's so versatile. It makes me happy!
The Lool is using the iPad I have to learn to use the iPad on - from work. She turned it on and started right away. I - on the other hand - am afraid of it!

I like the above and below photos of me from today the 2nd of October. That's my hair - which is all going to be cut off Monday! Well - not all of course - but nonetheless I am scared! I hide behind my hair and I am afraid that my short neck, broad shoulders, round face and double chins will stand out even more with shorter hair - but I trust Heidi and want to go through with this! I am sure she'll do a great job and I will love the change!

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Valerie said...

Zoals ik al zei op FB, de iPad is fantastisch! Echt, je zal hem niet meer willen missen! Ik kijk al uit naar je nieuw kapsel, ben erg benieuwd! Foto plaatsen hé!!!