Thursday, July 01, 2010

Thursday 01 July 2010: It's FLASHBACK 1ST OF THE MONTH at Face The Day! Take a walk down memory lane... HAPPY BIRTHDAY ASG!!!!!

Sarah says:
The photo above is from today - the 1st of July 2010. Always fun to look back in time! Would be more fun with Heidi! I am armed with my camera today so if I happen to run into her, I will take a photo!

Above you can see me and Heidi on 01 July 2009 - after a failed attempt at going to the unemployment office. Click into this link to go back in time a year with us!
That's Heidi all alone above exactly 2 years ago on 01 July 2008. I was away in France on vacation and I had put some random photos on later than month. I think the one below was of me on 01 July 2008... To see exactly what Heidi was up to two years ago click here!

So as I said - that's me above in France doing as the French do! To see more about what was happening around this time two years ago, click on this link!

That's me above exactly 3 years ago on 01 July 2007 with short hair and some kind of attitude. To know what was going on, have a click here!

Last but not least, above you can see me and Heidi not only 4 years ago today once, but twice! Heidi was pretty pregnant as you can see in the photo above from 02 July 2006. The other one on the left is from 01 July 2006. Click here to check it out!

And finally - we can't forget to say:
HAPPY BIRTHDAY to our buddy ASG!!!!
Her birthday is 01 July! We hope she has a great one!!!!!

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