Saturday, July 03, 2010

Saturday 03 July 2010: Sarah is enjoying seeing The Lool and her cousin Mona from The States together in Belgium

Sarah says:
Family from The States - Lisa and Mona are here in Belgium visiting. It's nice to have them and to see Ayla and Mona getting to know each other better. They are both 11 and they seem to be enjoying each other's company. We went to the sand castle display today and stopped at the sea. Yesterday we were in the K mall all day!!!! But the girls were happy with that as they both shopped a lot and got some great clothes. The eve before we picked them up in Brussels and hung out there for a bit. Tomorrow they leave. Never enough time...

I love the below photo of them!
Above photo is in honor of July 4th tomorrow! It's all in sand!!!!

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Unknown said...

there's some great analogy about time and family and sand but i'm still too jet lagged to coin it. we have had such an awesome time with you. You're the best hosts ever and we are lucky to be family. I hope we can host you soon for everything in DC. xxoo Lisa (and Mona too)