Sunday, April 18, 2010

Tuesday - Sunday 13 - 18 April 2010: Sarah goes to and actually gets out of Cannes, France despite the volcano and is now off to Norwich, UK...

Sarah says:
I'm back home but it's almost time for me to take off again - thankfully by train as there are no planes!!! It's amazing I made it home from Cannes, France on Thursday - well really early Friday morning - after a lucky last flight out to Orly airport in Paris thanks to great timing and a chance car rental together with 4 total strangers to get us all back to Brussels, Belgium by after midnight. I was in bed by 2am. I am seriously so lucky I got that last flight out - almost by accident. I was just in the right place at the right split second. There's no place like home - even though I learned a lot at mipTV and had a good week! I'm off to Norwich, UK for work at 6am Monday morning so I really need to get to sleep - bu you know how that goes! I have to wake up at 4:30am, which means I won't sleep tonight. I'll toss and turn and keep checking the clock afraid I won't hear my alarm. Travelling is fun and I am not complaining - but sometimes it can be too much all at once! I'm looking forward to this trip a lot because I love Th UK, have never been to Norwich and am excited to meet one of our project partners. But I can't wait till Wednesday night when I home with my kid with no travel planned until the second week of June. I'm clicking my red shoes together saying there's no place like home right now! Above photo is from today by the way - Sunday the 18th of April.

Above you can see me and Tom on Saturday the 17th of April in Hasselt of all places before seeing a tribute concert to The Triffids. It was a nice day with Tom and two friends and the concert was okay but not great at all. The best part was of course when Stef Kamil Carlens sand three Triffids songs. He is amazing and he will always be amazing. I don't know if I know other artists quite as talented as he is on stage - he just has this thing about him. He is so professional and gets every single detail and his voice and movements on stage. He is a show stealer! Made me feel sorry for the rest of the singers. Some were pretty good but something was lacking on stage last night. It was a bit too chaotic and all over the place and not tight enough. It could have been so much better.

There above you can see me and The LOOL on Friday night the 16th of April. I was so happy to see her!! Man I miss her when I m away and it's hard for her too! Tonight she cried about it saying I have been away too much. I explained that I'd be all hers soon! I have been pretty absent lately - not just in travelling. Before I went away I had some pretty rough weeks and though I was here, I really was far, far away. I feel like after Norwich I'll be able to collapse a little. I need that I think...

Below are various photos from my last week in Cannes, France for mipTV. I could only post some and there are far better ones - especially of Cannes itself, which you can see by clicking into this album!

Above you can see me and some other travelling strangers in distress at around midnight between Thursday the 15th and Friday the 16th of April- at the Brussels airport after a long ride from Paris in a shared rental cars. We were strangers who met on an airport bus trying to get back home! We did it together and it was actually fun! I love how a volcano can put you in a car with 4 total strangers who can become nice contacts perhaps!

I think above is from Wednesday the 14th of April - on the beach at lunch! Mostly we were inside at conferences but every now and then you have to get some air!

I think above photo is from Tuesday the 13th of April - again taking a break!

Probably also Tuesday the 13th above an below - with my friend Chewbacca whom I have always loved and with some serious boats below!

And last but not least - below - my Post Secret pick of the week! This weeks seems to be dedicated to the topic of abortions - perhaps because it's been in the news lately a lot due to the 20th anniversary of the law to make them legal in some of Europe... Anyway - I can relate to the below post card. Some topics are so very not black and white. Abortion is a gray topic for sure. I could very much imagine supporting pro-choice yet still being upset by the idea of aborting a child... It's a difficult choice no matter how you look at it and it must remain an individual choice but I can't imagine it is ever easy to go through for anyone...

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Judy Gail Krasnow said...

I can't imagine what it is like to be in the ash field of a volcano that spreads like a thick black cloud over so many countries. In some way, I think it is a reminder -- and a good one -- to all humankind about life at its core, no pun intended. With all of our science, inventions, technology and more, we are still at the mercy of Mother Nature, God, Life Forces -- whatever one wishes to call it. I am sorry for the airlines' financial losses and the inconvenience to thousands of passengers; but I am still in awe of the true powers that be -- the life forces that rule our lives and this planet, solar system, and universe! La Chayim! -- To Life! As for you, Sarah, as I texted you -- enjoy the adventure! Much Love, Your Mother.