Thursday, April 22, 2010

Monday - Thursday 19 - 22 April 2010: Sarah is back from Norwich, UK and happy to be home for a while after a couple of weeks on the road...

Sarah says:
That's me above today - the 22nd, glad to be home and happy to have had a good sleep in my own bed. Don't get me wrong. I love travelling for work and for play. It's just been a hectic month and I need some rest. I have felt worn out for a while and though travelling was a nice escape, what I need most is some rest and some time to veg out. This morning I slept a little late in my own bed and it did me well! I am also so happy to see my kid. I feel like I haven't REALLY seen her since mid-March because I was so preoccupied from then till now. Now I am all hers!
And there she is! The Loolabell! She's the best. So happy to be back home with her. That's us yesterday the 21st when I got home from Norwich. It was a good trip to The UK with a really nice bunch of people!
By the way - here is a link to all the photos from Norwich, if you are interested!

I think the above photo is kind of cool because of the shapes and colors. It's from two days ago - the 20th - taken at a place in Norwich called Open Org. There were some great decorations going on there. Nice colors and shapes everywhere...

Above and below are also from the 20th of April, taken at Epic TV Studios, which is one of our partners. It was nice finally being able to see the place I had heard a lot about! That naked lady is a prop I guess! Of course I couldn't resist having a photo...

The above photo is from Monday the 19th in the hotel in Norwich. It was a good trip. I hope it leads to some good stuff! It gave me some ideas. I just have to find a way to make them happen!

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