Saturday, March 13, 2010

Saturday 06 March through Saturday 13 March 2010: Sarah has not been keeping Face The Day up so now she's catching up and blames Facebook! :-)

Sarah says:
Just can't keep up with Face The Day and Heidi obviously can't either! For me it's due to Facebook I think and just being too busy to keep up with too many sites and with work and life in general! Facebook kind of covers it all - status reports, photos, links - plus it has so much interaction! That makes it more fun than blogging. But I still love the idea of the whole taking a photo almost every day for years and years - and that would just be annoying to do on Facebook. So - I think I'll try to stick with this blog and just see these recent weeks as falling behind with it all. I guess sometimes I and hopefully Heidi will be active on Face The Day and sometimes we won't! But I guess we knew that would happen one day. Now that we see each other so seldom it just makes it hard to keep this site up as well. It's always more fun with the both of us so... Anyway - the above photo is from today - Saturday the 13th of March...
That's me above yesterday - the 12th of March, hiding behind the flowers Tom gave me! On Monday it's our 14th wedding anniversary so he came home from work with a bunch of roses to start the weekend off! It was very sweet of him. Before he got home, Ayla and I went to Kortrijk's new mall together to check it out. It's kind of okay. I don't mind it's being in Kortrijk but a lot of people do. Time will tell if it increases the raffic here or not. Anyway - Ayla and I found it kind of cosy... And we can hop on our bikes and be there within minutes...

Above is a photo from Thursday the 11th of March... Long day. Was at conference in Brussels. Started early. Ended late... Tired.

I think I forgot to take photos on Monday and Tuesday so the above one must be from Wednesday the 10th of March. The sun was beaming through my office window. It felt fantastic!!! I can't wait until spring!
The above photo is from Sunday the 7th of March I think. The sun was also beaming in the window on that day and it felt great! We were at a family party here in Belgium that day.
Above photo must be from Saturday the 6th of March. Was ready for bed! I started the weekend tired and ended the week tired!

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