Sunday, March 14, 2010

Saturday 13 March and Sunday 14 March - Heidi and Sarah Face the Day together for once in a long while and with special guest Matto!!!

Sarah says:
There's me above today - Sunday the 14th- hanging out at home with three hours all to myself for once! Tomorrow Tom and I will be married for 14 years! I hope we celebrate a little this week and do something nice together like go out to dinner! I think 14 is a big number! They say 7 "fat" years, 7 "thin" years... So that means we are about to start 7 fat years again! Yippy!
There above you can see me and Heidi yesterday on Saturday the 13th of March - finally together on here! It's been so long. It was nice to see Heidi yesterday - even if just briefly - and to see the lovely Matto!!! He's lovely.
Matto above, Matton below!
It's been a long time since I posted a fave Post Secret on here. So today I am happy to post one. I chose this one because I used to use fake tanner and now I do much less and I'm glad! It's amazing how you can come to think you look better with this fake glow. Sometimes it really can make you look more awake and brighter in the face - but it can also make you look orange and unnatural. In the winter, it has no place! Not on this so very white skin of mine. I look at my daughter's pale, pale skin and I think she is so beautiful. I just have to learn to accept my pale skin and see the beauty in it! Not that I don't look forward to haveing some sun on my skin and getting a natural tan - and not that I won't even use fake tan again - but I have been using it much less and I'm glad about that!

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