Sunday, March 28, 2010

Friday 26- Sunday 28 March 2010: Sarah's weekend flew by way too fast with a not-so-great week ahead no doubt...

Sarah says:
That's me above today, Sunday the 28th of March, not looking so happy. It's a nice photo though. I like it. I was up half the night with stomach trouble and ended up sleeping downstairs - well hardly sleeping - because I didn't want to wake the rest of the house up. So I was pretty tired all day today. We went to the book fair (2nd day in a row!) and bought a few more books. Just couldn't resist! My daughter and I also did some cooking and baking, which was fun.
The above photo is from yesterday the 27th at Heidi's sister's house. We had a game night there and were fed lots of nice food. Too bad I wasn't feeling very well. It had been a tough morning and my stomach has been pretty bad the past few days. But Ayla and Tom had a great time and sometimes that's all that matters! :-)

And that's me Friday night the 26th while making some fresh carrot soup. It had been a long week. I just wanted to eat some healthy grub and watch TV with my kid and husband. Of course I fell asleep halfway through the movie. I never do that but this week and last I did. I guess I'm feeling pretty tired...

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