Tuesday, February 09, 2010

Tuesday 9 February 2010: a cold day but a fantastic BIRTHday for Sofie!!!!

Heidi says: HAPPY BIRTHDAY SOFIE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Sarah says:

Cold day indeed! Man, man, man - this cold is not good for my bones and back! Thankful there is soup - really good homemade carrot soup! I hear there's going to be a lot of snow in New York starting tomorrow. I hope this won't affect my and my kid's travels to NY This weekend! I hope we make it!

By the way - let's see who is really paying attention! What little thing has changed on this blog - within the main layout. And why? :-)


Anonymous said...

You no longer have giant pictures of Kim Jong Il hanging in all the public squares.

Heidi and Sarah Face The Day said...

Yes! There are little revolutions happening all over Face The Day!!! :-) You win the prize!

Anonymous said...

Finally! You updated the one year thing. Bravo.

Heidi and Sarah Face The Day said...

and got rid of the bloated periods thing as was sick of seeing that come up with my name search :-)! Good ASG! You sure are sharp!